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CFP Serves - and Plays - in Honduras


During the week of February 22, Mick Joyce, OFM Cap., and seven seminarians from Borromeo Seminary, and our Capuchin Formation Program there, were in Honduras for an annual mission-immersion experience. They were there to support the work of Sister María Rosa Leggol, OSF, a Honduran Franciscan Sister and to assist medical and dental professionals from Cleveland who go to mountain villages to care for the sick.

In the 1960’s Sr. Maria Rosa organized a group of homes to care for abandoned and deprived children.The project became Sociedad Amigos de los Niños. The orphans of Sociedad Amigos de los Niños en Nuevo Paraiso, engaged the men in games of soccer, in pushing the kids on swings, and in giving piggy-back rides, often beginning with the simple greeting, “Hey, Amigo.”



Second Sunday of Lent 2015

Which penetrated deepest,
these effects of transfiguration,
the garments white beyond bleaching,
translucent features, tongue-tied disciples,
or the Master’s own mind,
exposed to shafts of lightning
too bright for the eyes
without a candle-blackened glass,
his heart immersed in embers
that fired his prior covenant:
I come to do your will.


. . . among the suffering thousands

MIDEAST 320Capuchins in the East:
Presence and ‘de facto minority’

       Our brother Pio Murat, OFM Cap., a General Councilor of the International Capuchin Order in Rome, writes about our involvement in the Middle East and Asia where our brothers live and work among many of the troubled communities which have occupied so much of our attention in recent months. In this article in the latest BICI, Br. Pio reflects on how our brothers are called by the Spirit in these times to live out their 'de facto minority' -- following our Frather Francis of Assisi's call that we be true 'friars minor' (lesser brothers).

       Current events continue to document the daily drama of the Middle East. Barbarous killings in Syria and in Iraq, attacks in the Holy Land, repeated violations of human rights -- we know them all too well. Unfortunately, these hostile and cruel realities leave us powerless in their wake. Christians, among others, are easy objects of a violence that knows no end.


February with the novices

Caperone320B       Lent has begun and so has the spring time weather . The novices have had a busy month to report in this month Caperone with classes as well as a pilgrimage up the coast of California to San Francisco. Novitiate is not just about entering into a deeper prayer life, discerning this way of life, but it's also a year to learn more about our identity as Capuchins.

       In this issue, Br. Brenton reflects on two classes that showcase the identity that we are called to share with the world as brothers. Being a Capuchin is recognizing that we are all on a pilgrimage to the Land of the Living (Capuchin Constitutions 62:2). Going on pilgrimages as brothers is in our DNA history.


January CapCafé in DC brings a crowd

       January saw another successful Capuchin Café Gathering on Saturday, January 31, at Cap College in Washington, DC. Once again, its great success was owing to the many brothers who contributed their time and talents. Br. Juan Anotonio Ortíz, OFM Cap., designed an attractive chalkboard logo for the evening (right, below), and there was plenty of time sacrificed in the heavy work of setting things up, baking and serving the crowd of guests who attended.

       Over 200 visitors flooded the chapel for Holy Hour to begin the evening with praise and worship. Though you can see the pictures of a very full chapel in the images below, what one doesn't see are the numerous men and women just outside of the chapel, lined up for the Sacrament of Reconciliation as five friar-priests made themselves available for the encounters.


Br. Manuel fires up the CFP

       Once a month the friar team of the Capuchin Formation Program (CFP) of Borromeo Seminary in Wicklife, OH, (Frs. Lester Knoll, OFM Cap. and Mick Joyce, OFM Cap.enlists a friar who is asked to give a formation evening on a designated Capuchin Franciscan topic. In the photo above, our brothers Lester (l) and Mick (r) are seated. Standing (from left) are Thomas Lydic, Evan Jamison, Luis Munguia, guest Br. Manuel Avíles, OFM Cap. , Patrick Cordero, Samuel Martinez and Joshua Soldat.  The CFP hosted our brother Manuel the weekend of January 23rd.


We were there for Life

        Annual activities on behalf of Life got off the ground on Wednesday, January 21, in Washington, DC, with a Mass at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception our own Sean Cardinal O’Malley, OFM Cap., as presider. The following day, the day of the March for Life, our Capuchin brothers gathered for their annual Mass to add our presence and prayers to life's precious gift.


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