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Happy Feast Day - August 28


You have made us for yourself, O Lord,
 and our hearts are restless
until they rest in you . . . .

 Some go abroad
to admire the heights of mountains,
the mighty waves of the sea,
 the broad tides of rivers,
the compass of the ocean, 
and the circuits of the stars,
yet pass over the mystery of themselves
without a thought.

-- St. Augustine of Hippo, Confessions

Fr. Mark serves "Theology on Tap"

HermanTAP12       Our brother Fr. Mark Pattock, OFM Cap., and the Parish of St. Mary, Herman, PA, sponsored another successful 'Theology on Tap' Session on Wednesday night, August 26.

       Gathering once a month at the R. C. Men's Club in Herman, a core group of 6 to 12 young adults with Fr. Mark select guest speakers and topics for the series and invite other young adults to join them.  The ministry has proven to be a healing ministry and has assisted the parish efforts to reach out to young adults who, in the midst of their busy lives, attempt to balance their personal stuggles and commitments while trying to deepen their spirituality, finding ways that their Catholic faith can be of help to them.


". . . all the days of my life"

Brs. James Watson, OFM Cap., and Phil White, OFM Cap., professed perpetual vows at St. Augustine Church, Pittsburgh, PA, the mother-church of our Capuchin Province, on Saturday, August 22. In addition to families and friends of the professed, more than 100 friars were part of the liturgical celebration on a bright, comfortable weekend morning.

Provincial Minister David Nestler, OFM Cap., received the brothers' vows after having centered his homily on the Rule and Life of the primitive Franciscan community inspired and authored by St. Francis, with its unique focus on the vow of poverty as having “nothing of one's own,” an ideal which goes further than simply sharing 'all things in common,' as was traditionally practiced in monastic communities.


Assumption Riddle

Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary

Though filled with uplifting happiness
disciples of Jesus pondered a riddle,
how could they make the people aware
that Mary stayed in absence,
no longer their inspiring
participant of ecclesia?
She fell asleep, we can admit,
awakening in the arms of her son.


Profession of First Vows 2015

UPDATED with photos 07/21/2015

       Our brothers David Domanski, OFM Cap., Alex Hostoffer, OFM Cap., Andrew Corriente, OFM Cap., and André Repucci, OFM Cap. (above) professed their first vows of poverty, chastity and obedience as Capuchin friars on Saturday morning, July 18, at Mt. Alvernia Chapel in Milvale (Pgh), PA.

       Provincial Minister David Nestler, OFM Cap., received their vows.

       See photos of the event below.


Friars bring 'light' to Philadelphia

        On Saturday, July 11, in Philadelphia, PA, Jack's Yacs (Young Adult Catholics) Group organized a "Light the City" event modeled on the one in the Washington, DC, Archdiocese. "Light the City" is a street evangelizing effort. After a Mass celebrated by our brother Tom Betz, OFM Cap., the Blessed Sacrament was exposed for adoration.

       There were at least 75 volunteers helping in the music ministry and in street evangelization where they went out to meet and greet passersby along the way. The mission of the disciples to go out two-by-two just happened to be the weekend's Sunday Gospel . . . which was hardly a coincidence.


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