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Brothers to York PA: 25th Anniversary of Presence

        The Pastoral Council at St. Joseph Parish in York [PA] celebrated the 25th anniversary of our Capuchin Franciscan ministry there since 1979.  The Mass was celebrated on the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, and a number of the Capuchin friars who've ministered at the parish returned for the occasion.


Celebrating With Our 2014 Jubilarians

        On Friday, October 17, friars, families and friends came together to honor the jubilarians of our Capuchin life and/or priestly ministry. The annual recognition remembers those friars who reach hallmarks in their journeys of Religious Life (counted from the year of their first profession of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience) and/or priesthood (counted from the year of Ordination). It gives all of the friars a chance to thank the Lord for the gift of our brothers, and it allows the celebrated brothers to receive the gratitude of the friars, friends and families for their fidelity and perseverance. Above all, it gives us the chance to praise the Lord for the graces they've received and that we have received through their lives and ministries.


Our Brother Bill Wiethorn

Funeral Mass and Burial
Monday, October 13

You stumbled, Bill, as often,
and Abba caught you,
coming to hospice to say goodbye
and you barely waved one last time,
your posts in life were often similar,
appearing without training,
with friends to carry you through,
like theologians for trusting companions
when deciphering Vatican II,
directing confreres of English tongue
around the world,
with smile enough to span the globe,
a rainbow smile
that danced and sang in one exhilaration.


Cap Corps Remembers Fr. Bill

The Many Faces &
One Golden Smile:

Thank you, Fr. Bill Wiethorn!!

       I asked the Cap Corps Volunteers to share stories and pictures. I've received tributes from the first group in 1993 all the way to the group that just ended their year in July, 2014.

       Here are their words about the dear man and the devoted friar that Cap Corps will so fondly remember for years to come . . .
       Margaret McIntyre-Stacy
       Program Director
       Capuchin Franciscan Volunteer Corps

I had many great memories with Brother Bill. He was a great man who was so gentle, kind, warm and a great listener. He is missed by all. 
Dave Guller, Cap Corps ‘94-’95


Fr. William Wiethorn, 1940-2014


       Our brother Bill Wiethorn, OFM Cap., died shortly after 4:00am on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.  In mid-September, Bill had been admitted to St. Vincent Hospital, Cleveland, OH, with pneumonia, but subsequent tests revealed an untreatable cancer. Recognizing that no therapy could reverse the disease, he requested to be transferred to a hospice in the Pittsburgh, PA, area so as to be near his family & friends. He was transferred to Family Hospice in Pittsburgh on October 7. He was 74.


'Bigger than we look': Read BICI


       The August-September issue of BICI, the International Capuchin Newsletter from our Central offices in Rome is now online.

       Highlighted in this issue:


Who has a beard in our banner?

omalley crux        They say, in Italian, that a Capuchin friar  without a beard (barba) is like a car without a license plate (targa).

       The recently launched website Crux from the Boston Globe wonders if it equates with holiness -- and features a photo of our own brother Cardinal Sean (left; to support the idea, we assume!).  Check out the article . . .

     Beards, belief, and baseball: Does facial hair equal faithful holiness?

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