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New Capuchin Friar Priests

Pictures updated Sunday, 06/07/2015

      Historic St. Augustine Church in Pittsburgh was packed for the ordination of two friars on Saturday morning, June 6. Sean Cardinal O’Malley, OFM Cap., ordained our brothers Manuel Avilés, OFM Cap., and John Paul Kuzma, OFM Cap., to the priesthood during a two-hour-plus liturgy.

      About 80 friars were in attendance, as were about 20 diocesan and other religious priests. Two buses brought Manuel’s family and friends from Northern Virginia and DC. And a bus came in from Cumberland, MD, where John Paul is assigned. 

      Both the Avilés and Kuzma families were well-represented.

      The weather was quite cooperative, a slight cool breeze and overcast skies made for a comfortable gathering. And robust music in Spanish and English were heard on the streets through open windows and doors. 

       All in all, a wonderful and blessed event.


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