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Hermitage brings "God's Boundless Mercy"

HermitageJail2       Connected to our Province's Capuchin Hermitage in Pittsbugh, PA, is the work of the friars amoung the men and women of the Allegheny County Jail in the city, a connection which our brother Dennis Klemash, OFM Cap., calls one "of prayer and service."

       At the jail, one of the duties that he and Mark Carter, OFM Cap., share is supervising interns for the permanent diaconate. One of them, Louis Bosco, shared some lovely thoughts about the friars and their work and talks about prayer as being a " powerful teacher" in an article he wrote entitled: God's Boundless Mercy. Along with their service of prayer, work and hospitality for us, our confreres, Mark and Dennis, are also changing lives - as the men and women are changing theirs!

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 The articleBoundlessMercy


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