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Brothers to York PA: 25th Anniversary of Presence

        The Pastoral Council at St. Joseph Parish in York [PA] celebrated the 25th anniversary of our Capuchin Franciscan ministry there since 1979.  The Mass was celebrated on the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, and a number of the Capuchin friars who've ministered at the parish returned for the occasion.

       “We friars are greatly honored that members of the pastoral council wanted to celebrate the 35 years of Capuchin ministry to the people of St. Joseph Parish,” said Capuchin Franciscan Father Louis Petruha, current pastor. “Having St. Francis of Assisi as our spiritual father and inspiration for our personal life, the ministry certainly brings to the parish the essence of the Franciscan spirit. That essence is the brotherhood we have and desire to share with you,” GainerPetruhaFather Petruha said in a message to parishioners. “We journey with you as brothers and we minister to you sacramentally and pastorally. The simplicity of Capuchin life hopefully enables you and us to work together and to be one with each other in our common pursuit of holiness and evangelization. That is preaching and living the Gospel life, the very heart of the Franciscan spirit." 

       "This parish has a tremendous spirit, and a great love for the Church,: he continued.  “There is no end to the Holy Spirit here.”

       In the photo at right, our brother Louis, pastor since 2001, shares a Sign of Peace with Bishop Ronald Gainer of Harrisburg during Mass. 

from the article by Chris Heisey
in Harrisburg Diocese's The Catholic Witness.

Download the article from the Catholic Witness here.

Check out the St. Joseph Parish site
for a photo gallery & video of the full Mass


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