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Scenes from a Holy Week


        The friars of the St. Augustine wish you a blessed and joyous Easter Season! Here is a sample of the friars who checked in with a glimpse of their Holy Week celebrations across our Capuchin Province.

AlleghenyCoJailFrom our Hermitage, Mt. Lebanon, PA:

       Our brother Denny Klemash, OFM Cap., reports:  It's been a moving and emotional couple days. Brs. Mark and Walt and I are ministering now to the inmates of Allegheny County Jail in Pittsburgh [see left].
       On Holy Thursday, March 24, Bishop Zubik [Pittsburgh's Ordinary]  joined us for the Liturgy of the Lord's Supper which was simple and tender
       On Good Friday, we three friars gathered with about 50 women inmates for prayer in the 1 o'clock hour and found ourselves moved almost to tears by their prayers and reflections.  In the evening, we celebrated the Veneration of the Cross with about 30 male inmates.  Provincial Minister
David Nestler, OFM Cap., joined us for that.
       On Saturday night, we celebrated the first Easter Mass for the inmates. What a memorable Easter this has become! Our prayers for the well-being of the Province and for the growth of our ministry to the needy is ever before us.


From St. Ambrose Friary, Baltimore, MD:

       Fr. Paul Zaborowski, OFM Cap., pastor of St. Ambrose Parish in Baltimore, MD,
posted these photos from the church's Holy Week:

From St. Mary Friary, Herman, PA:

       Br. Matt Hindelang, OFM Cap., was in Butler County, PA:

       "Br. Al Carver and I were in Herman, PA for Holy Week.  The photos below are from the Easter Vigil. Al Carver sang the Exultet, and Mark Pattock was the presider  Here's a video with the audio recording of Al singing the Exsultet which is up on Youtube as well."

       The photos include a series on Facebook of the re-enactment
of the Passion of Christ by the youth of the parish.
Br. Al's Easter proclamation follows the shots:

From St. Cecilia Parish, Rochester, PA:

       The Beaver County Times  highlighted the Easter Vigil of our friars in Rochester, PA. . Associate Pastor Bill Talentino, OFM Cap., made the front page of the paper on Easter Sunday with the first three shots photos by Sally Maxson)

From St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Harrisburg, PA:

       Our brother Orlando Reyes, OFM Cap., is pastor at our parish in Pennsylvania's capitol. Here, you can see the moving photos of the baptisms and confirmations which the parish was able to celebrate.


From Sacred Heart Friary, Washington, DC:

       Br. Brian Stacy, OFM Cap., celebrated his first Easter Triduum as a deacon with the parishioners of Sacred Heart on 16th Street in the northeast section of DC.


From Cap College, DC:

       Br. Matt had a busy week. He was in Herman, PA, for the Easter Vigil, but Good Friday found him at his friary in Washington where our friar students shared reflections on the "Seven Last Words" pf Christ:

       Our brothers in formation gave some excellent reflections during Holy Week, and I thought I would share the link to them all here.  Seven of the nine are the Seven Last Words on Good Friday, Andrew's was given on Holy Thursday and Tommy's on Holy Saturday.  Here is the playlist.
       If you were not aware, our brothers present 3 reflections during the week, on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Thursdays are reflections on the Capuchin Constitutions, and the other two are based on the Scripture or some other topic. I typically add them as a batch at the end of the week, but you can look for them all at our Youtube Channel
. You can subscribe to the updates there.

        And here are shots from the friars' house celebration -- our confrere Luca Bucci, OFM Cap., from the Province of Liguria (Genova) in Italy helped prepare the feast.

From Utuado, Puerto Rico:

       Fr. Manuel Avilés, OFM Cap., is stationed at our friary in Utuado, PR, and wrote: I was in Caonillas at Nuestra Señora del Monte Carmelo Parish [near Utuado].  

From St. Joseph Friary in York, PA:

       Here's a shot of the recreation of Christ's tomb with the stone rolled aside at the singing of the Gloria of the Mass during the Easter Vigil.


From Bishop Don in the Diocese of Mendi
Papua New Guinea:

       Bishop Don Lippert, OFM Cap., invites us to head to his website for his account of the Easter Vigil "Alive" across the world in Papua New Guinea.


. . .  and caught away from home . . .

      Our Vicar Provincial Minister, Mick Joyce, OFM Cap., work with our Capuchin Formation Program in Wickliffe, OH. He shared his Easter break with the Poor Clare Nuns of the Monastery of St. Clare in Travelers Rest, SC . . .

JOYCE or the Poor Clare nuns of the Monastery of St. Clare in Travelers Rest, SC

Happy Easter!


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