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Secular Franciscans forge Provincial bonds

OFS 2017 01

    The Secular Franciscans (OFS) who are affilliated with the Capuchins friars of our Province of St. Augustine gathered for the first time since the Regionalization of the OFS family. The meeting was held on Saturday, September 30, in New Baltimore, PA, where 42 were in attendance at the meeting - 16 friarsand 26 OFS Ministers, officers and members.

     On of the Secular Franciscans in attendance, had worked at the ground level of the Regionalization process in the 1990s, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be together across geographic regions.  Many felt it a blessing to gather with friends made before the unification by geographic regions and appreciated the care and sensitivity shown by the Province in taking the time to field questions anf thoughts of the Seculars. All of the participants heard the commitment to provide Spiritual Assisitance reinforced and felt the Province's particular concern for strengthening the bonds of our common charism.

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