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A Time to Dance

DanMcCarthy       Dan McCarthy is a graduate of Cleveland State University and worked as the Health Care Navigator at Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services. He has returned to Cleveland State to start law school after his Volunteer year, but his Cap Corps Volunteers work was a full time commitment in education, healthcare and social service placements while living simply in community with other volunteers. The position at Migration and Refugee Services was a reationship based on journeying closely with clients in the resettlement process.

       Alivera, a refugee from Rwanda, could hear for the first time in her right ear in twenty odd years after a surgeon at MetroHealth Hospital in Cleveland removed the scar tissue that was blocking her ear canal. Twenty years earlier, a machete swung in Rwanda cut her up the side of her head. In Cleveland, that wound was set straight. She could hear! She thanked the medical students and the surgeon. She cried and hugged and kissed the doctor. “I love you,” she said through the Kirnawanda interpreter on the telephone. “God bless you all. 

       My job was to drive Alivera home which was on the other side of the city . . .

       See his blog entry here.


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