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Volunteers: An asset to a mission's vitality

The following article appeared online for the National Catholic Reporter.  It is reproduced here with the acknowledgement of its copyright protection.


Br. Brian Stacy, OFM Cap., and Nick Despotidis
recently took part in a college fair at Gonzaga University to expose students
to our Cap Corps Volunteers.

"Volunteers bring vitality"
by Denise Simeone

January 15, 2014
(reprinted with permission)

What organization in its right mind wouldn't love to add excitement, energy and inspiration to its work and its mission? What would it be like to have people who contribute time, experience, passion and energy to your goals and dreams? Invite some volunteers to join you and they will do all that by bringing ideas, commitment and vitality along with service.  That's what volunteers have done for us . . . .  


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