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Gentle Mercy

The Sacred Heart

Infinite, eternal,
almighty qualities forestalled
the hint of tenderness
in a being
whose hands held such magnitude
that mercy seemed squeezed to stone,
until a baby cried in tender sobs
and registered an infant’s gentle love.


Bodied Eucharist

Corpus Christi

his body fell away,
retaining shades
too light to sway a scale
or cast a shadow,
with sacramental weight
that only the mind of living faith
could measure.


Sign of Pentecost

Pentecost 2015

He left us,
and so we locked the doors with double bars,
but not our hearts.
The tomb was layered in darkness,
like a bed mat buried in rugs,
a black and hidden place
that made Easter flash the brighter,
a circle of volcanoes erupting with seas of lava,
like chunks of sun that torched the land,
and burned away the past.


Love by Three

Holy Trinity

Dunked beneath the piled up waves
of Jordan’s pilgrim water
a rabbi unshackled by sin
submitted to the ranks of the sinful and halt
who longed to see the face of God
without the screen of tears,
like the river’s splashes,
too murky to check the bottoms
of life flowing by,
too fast for answers of lasting life.


He Fell Away

Ascension of the Lord

A mountain-shattering earthquake
could not have changed us more
that Easter morning,
not age-old recipes for lentil soup
or spices for the kibbe,
but inside,
the reason for eating changed
when life required no eating.
Reports described this body floating,
the rules of earth reversed,
as we casually waved farewell,
because we walked on our heads
so saw him fall, not rise,
as though his body of Bethlehem
was slipping away



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