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Happy Feast Day - St. Francis of Assisi


Did you tag along, Saint Francis?
How did you manage jet lag?
Your protégé seemed unaffected,
a penitent from Assisi,
surviving on air,
like you at Portiuncula.


Holy Father

The Holy Father,
the title never was used,
just Pope, the generic,
arrived in America,
and America passed on
experienced wisdom,
even revelation, to all the world.

All people are equal,
including ones
we once made slaves
and our greed keeps globalizing,
so we aim for kindness now,
you all are our brothers and sisters,
we are no better than you.


Assumption Riddle

Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary

Though filled with uplifting happiness
disciples of Jesus pondered a riddle,
how could they make the people aware
that Mary stayed in absence,
no longer their inspiring
participant of ecclesia?
She fell asleep, we can admit,
awakening in the arms of her son.


Disciple of Suffering

St. Pio of Pietrelcina
September 23

The world was flogging itself
with war,
using faster technology
and speedier destruction,
with mechanized monsters
that smashed to a roadway
all barriers before them;
or hailstorms from the sky,
as lethal as hurricanes;
or sharks by sea
that swallowed shipping whole.


St. Clare Contemplates Mary

At rest in prayer,
Saint Clare unraveled and pruned
some lines of the living word
pertaining to Mother Mary,
as at the wedding miracle
when she anticipated the Master’s sacred hour
by intervening at Cana,
when the holy Clare perceived,
in the water sanctified,
that Jesus pushed closer his hour
instead of disrupting Mary’s gracious perception
of wedding hosts run short of wine,
and then when Mary emptied out her years,
like Cana’s first-served wine,
he sanctified her jar of life,
transfiguring her body
with the bounty of eternal years,
so that the wedding banquet continued
with water jars filled to the brim
containing the wine of everlasting trust.



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