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Information - Fr. Joseph

  • At least a month in advance of the mission I would invite the parish to start praying for the renewal of the parish and the success of the upcoming mission. I arrive at the parish on Saturday in time to preach all the weekend masses, at the weekend masses I will introduce the topics and invite the faithful to attend the mission. 
  • If there is a regular Parish Mass on Sunday evening, I would preach for 3 days; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If there is no Sunday evening Mass, the mission can begin on Sunday at 7PM, otherwise we would begin on Monday and end on Wednesday. 
  • The talks start at 7 PM and last between 45 minutes to an hour. If the pastor wishes, we may expose The Blessed Sacrament and give the evening talk in the presence of the Eucharist similar to 40 hours devotion. 
  • I will be available for confessions after the talks each evening. One of the days, it would be preferable if priests from the area could be invited to help with confessions. The conference on Wednesday will be a homily in the context of Mass. (If the parish typically has Mass every evening, all of the talks can be in the context of the homily, if the pastor prefers.)
  • I invite the parish musicians to help with the talks each evening, to lead us in a hymn at the beginning and end of the talks. They are also kindly asked to assist us with the Mass on Wednesday and if there is exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, at least the organ and a cantor to accompany the Eucharistic hymns and benediction.
  • The Church offers a plenary Indulgence to the faithful who attend each evening of the mission and there will be a special blessing on the last day to impart the plenary Indulgence.
  • Remuneration: The faithful who attend the mission are asked for a free-will offering. I would ask that the offering be taken up each evening since not everyone may be able to attend each evening. I ask that the parish be conscious that my ministry supports our Capuchin students and elderly, for which we have great need.
  • Those attending the mission would make any checks out to the parish and then the parish would write one check, combining the total of checks and cash, to my Order not to me:

    c/o Mr. Joseph Kusnir
    220 - 37th Street 
    Pittsburgh PA 15201
  • If the pastor would prefer to make a direct deposit we can make those arrangements.


Saints of the church;
models and methods for overcoming sin & division
1) Blessed Solanus Casey; overcoming patterns of personal sin and healing of division. 
2) Saint Padre Pio; forgiveness and healing in families and the sacrament of reconciliation. 
3) The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Eucharist

Fr. Joseph Tuscan, OFM Cap.

Tuscan2017 11c     Fr. Joseph was born in Columbus, OH, in 1967 and was raised in Canton, OH.  He entered Borromeo College Seminary in 1986 where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Sciences in 1989. In 1990, he professed his first vows as a Capuchin Franciscan friar. Making his Perpetual vows in 1993, he went on to earn his Master's degree in Theology at the Washington Theological Union in 1995 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1997 in Pittsburgh, PA, by Donald Cardinal Wuerl, now of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC.

     Fr. Joseph's first assignment after ordination was on the Pacific island of Papua New Guinea where he served for four years with our friars of the Custody there.  Returning to the US in 2001, he has served in various capacities as Parochial Vicar, Military and Hospital Chaplain and as Pastor.

     Most recently, Fr. Joseph worked with our friars in the Custody of Puerto Rico and currently serves as a full-time Minister of the Word and Evangelization for our Capuchin Province, offering retreats and reflection days for parishes, Religious and Priests.

Information for Parish Planning
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Fr. John Petrikovic, OFM Cap.

Banner 2       Fr. John offers workshops on Franciscan topics, mission formation for Franciscan Health Systems, retreats to Religious Men and Women in the English-speaking world and parish missions throughout the United States.  Ordained in 1981, he holds a BA in Counseling Psychology (1975), an MA in Liturgical Theology (1980), an MA in Franciscan Studies from St. Bonaventure University (1986) and an STL from Rome's Pontifical Antonianum University in Spirituality.

       Having served in various posts of education and administration for his Province of Capuchins, Fr. John served as Vice Rector and Prefect of Studies at the Collegio San Lorenzo, the International House for Capuchin friars in graduate studies in Rome, from 2004-2010.  He was also a regular contributor to both Weekday and Sunday Homily Helps for Franciscan Media (formerly St. Anthony Messenger Press) for over 30 years.

       2018 is his eighth year as a full-time Minister of the Word.

     An avid musician who plays keyboards and has animated Liturgies for both National and International Franciscan gatherings, he is a staff member of the Franciscan Pilgrimages Program, offering individuals and Franciscan communities an experience of the places from which the charism of Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi emerged and thrived.   

     Fr. John is the Province's Webfriar for capuchin.com.

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The "Tau" - the symbol St. Francis of Assisi
urged on his followers for their mission
to bring all men and women
the touch of God's bountiful Peace and Goodness

Bringing the Gospel to Life

     The Capuchin friars are vowed to live the life of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to spread its message through the example of their lives, and only then, to speak the message of Jesus which they have heard in their hearts.

"Simply and in Few Words"

     This was how Saint Francis described the way a friar should preach the Gospel. From the very beginning of the Franciscan and Capuchin Orders, priests and brothers have worked to live up to that wisdom. We stand on the shoulders of centuries of renowned preachers like Anthony of Padua, Bernardine of Siena, Lawrence of Brindisi and Leonard of Port Maurice.

The New Evangelization

     Depending on your local needs, we may be able to provide you with an experience of the Gospel to enliven your parish, your religious community and your own heart.

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