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Jesus Baptized

Baptism of the Lord

You come to me to be baptized?
yet you can grant
a thousand times my gifts!
So let it be for now,
exhausting first
all ways that are only human,
the ways that fail to share
a life in God.



We called him Bert,
the local crew of confreres,
to bring him back to life for real
after weeks of adulation
and pampering from Christian Mothers
who whispered with reverence
his name in full:
Father Bertin Roll,
the national director
of the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers.

If Bert were a salesman,
he would have carried
top honors every month.
He recorded 3000 miles in driving
each month,
addressing parish women’s groups,
convincing them of the spiritual benefits
of the Christian Mothers Archconfraternity,
the mothers praying for one another,
and always for the children, and often,
determined that prayer and example
would imprint what God was making available.


Holy Family

 The Feast of the Holy Family

Age eight, Melissa
had theological perplexities,
in wondering, if she prayed
to the Holy Family altogether,
would each respond
or would they delegate
just one to answer her prayer?


Epiphany by Reflection

Epiphany 2015

You took great pains, my Lord,
to show yourself revealed as Christ,
aside from stories floating free
of angels, star and Magi,
you raised some eyebrows
with public baptism and Cana’s wine,
repeated healings astounding everyone,
and then you seemed to erase it all
on Golgotha.


Christmas Serenade

Christmas Eve 2014

When Gabriel collected
the choirs of angels for practice,
he announced
the first cantata for Christmas.
He spoke of reverence and majesty,
devotion and delight,
with joyous strains to shake the stars
and make the realms of heaven shudder.

They practiced for a millennium or two,
devising richer, more pleasant sounds,
on instruments of angelic design,
with ten thousand of sopranos,
and ten of trilling tenors,
combining mezzos and baritones
of matching number.



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