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EWTN News: "I'm not a monk - I'm a friar"

       This video segment from the EWTN News aired on May 7, 2015. The video was part of a continuing series celebrating the Year of Consecrated Life 2015. Our brothers Andrew McCarty, Brian Newman, Brian Stacy and others are highlighted to explain our Capuchin Franciscan call and way of life. 'Capuchin College,' a.k.a. "St. Francis Friary", is located in Washington, DC, near the Catholic University of America, and is one of the houses ("friaries") of our Capuchin Franciscan Friars of the St. Augustine Province.

       See Video below..


Br. Brian Ordained a Deacon

BStacyDiac4       Our brother Brian Stacy, OFM Cap., was ordained as a transitional deacon by Washington, DC, Auxiliary Bishop Barry Knestout on Saturday, May 2, at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception near our friary of 'Capuchin College', where Brian is stationed.

       Ordained with Br. Michael Reyes, OFM, of the Holy Name Province of Friars, Brian is the latest in a long line of friars to kneel before a bishop in the Crypt Church of the National Shrine.


The 'Catholic Guy' invades Borromeo

       UPDATE ALERT: The link to the Podcast was added on 05/09/2015

       With one more night to broadcast, “The Catholic Guy” wraps a week of shows from Wickliffe, OH and our Capuchin Formtation Program at Borromeo Seminary.

       Sirius radio personality Lino Rulli took time to pose with the CFP crowd, our brothers Lester Knoll, OFM Cap. (R) and Mick Joyce, OFM Cap. (L), flank our CFP students: (from left) Patrick Cordero, Samuel Martinez, Joshua Soldat, Host Lino Rulli, Luis Munguia, Evan Jamison and Thomas Lydic.

       Fr. Mick writes: “The Catholic Guy show discusses life, religion, and theology in a humorous fashion through the eyes of an average Catholic guy. The program has been recognized by The New York Times for its spontaneity and edginess, having ability to sound like catechism class one minute and 'The Howard Stern Show' the next. It was fun being part of the live studio audience.”

       For those who do not get Sirius Radio transmissions, you can listen to or download the podcast from Cleveland here.

Capuchin Cafe 3.0 gathers a crowd in DC

       Our friars at from the fraternity of Cap College in Washington, DC, hosted their 'Capuchin Cafe' (affectionately called 'Capuchin Cafe 3.0') on Saturday, April 18. In order to provide more space for a larger gathering, the event changed locations from our friary to St. Anthony's Church near Catholic University. Vocation Director and Philadelphia Pastor, Fr. Tom Betz, OFM Cap., was the preacher during the opening Eucharistic devotion, and Brs. Al Carver, OFM Cap., Ross Henley, OFM Cap., Brian Stacy, OFM Cap., Tommy Piolata, OFM Cap., and Keon Tu, OFM Cap., led the singing, supported by melodious members of our DC Cap Corps Volunteers.


We bid farwell to our brother Phil

ChurchFink       On Wednesday evening family and friends filled the chapel of St. Augustine to over-flowing for the Vigil of Prayer for +Phil Fink, OFM Cap., who passed away last Saturday. Leon Leitem, OFM Cap., Vicar of the fraternity of St. Augustine, led the reflections by pointing to Phil’s courage and life of service. A number of others shared their memories of Phil, including a woman who eloquently thanked him for the compassion and support he offered to mothers and fathers at Rachel Vineyard Ministries’ retreats. 

       Throughout the day of visitation and again at the funeral, family and friends were joined by former students who were taught and guided by Phil throughout the years. Many women religious, especially Sisters of St. Joseph and Franciscan Sisters of Milvale, were well-represented among the mourners at the vigil and funeral Mass.


Waking up the Franciscan World

OFMs       Our friars of Capuchin College in Washington opened their chapel, recreation  and dining rooms to the men from other Franciscan communities in the area for an evening together during spring break in early March. 

       Spearheaded by four friends and classmates, Brs. Rafael Anguiano OFM Cap.; John Aherne OFM; Vincent Yeager TOR; and Emmanuel Vasconcelos OFMConv., a large group of brothers met for Mass, socializing and dinner.  Representatives of the Holy Land Franciscans were also present for the event. 

See the entire article and photos here.

Capuchin Bishop and the Yemen Crisis


    Capuchin Friar Bishop Paul Hinder, OFM Cap., former General Councilor of the Order from the Province of Switzerland, alerts us about the current crisis in Yemen through an Interview with Vatican Radio:

Bishop Hinder describes humanitarian crisis

(Vatican Radio) In recent days the fights between armed groups in the area around the city of Sana, in Yemen, have intensified, and civilians, mostly women and children are the victims. As the fights between armed groups intensify, aid workers fear for their lives and are pulled out by their organizations.

The Catholic Church in the United Arab Emirates, Oman & Yemen' does its very best to continue to be a good shepherd to its flock in this dark hour of the Arabian Peninsula. The Apostolic Vicariate of Arabia goes back to 1888 and was originally established by the Capuchin Franciscans of Lyons, France. Today around 55 priests and 60 sisters, assisted by trained volunteer catechists, serve around 1 million Catholics in the Vicariate.


Internation Capuchins: BICI reports

BICICoverIn this month's International Capuchin Newsletter:

  • St. Francis and the Jubilee of Mercy
  • The Grace of Working: Between Theory and Reality
  • Lenten Retreat for the Curia
  • Appointment of a New General Councilor
  • Report from the Ordinary Meeting of the General Council
  • A Capuchin Receives the “Freedom” Prize from the City of Dublin
  • Reopening of the Relic Chapel at the Central Offices
  • Among the massacred Christians
  • Brothers Walk Seven Days from Assisi to Rome

Br. Francisco Highlighted at JCU

Lopez JCU       Our brother, Francisco Lopez, OFM Cap., was recently featured in John Carroll University’s magazine. Francisco is an alum of the Cleveland university which he attended while a student in the Capuchin Formation Program of Borromeo Seminary in Wickliffe, OH.

       The article focused on four alumni who have pursued a vocation to Religious Life. Francisco traces his call to Capuchin life to a card he received from a friend. It was from the Seraphic Mass Association and included a prayer to St. Anthony. Francisco looked at the back of the card and heard about Capuchins for the first time. The rest is history:

       One of eight children, Br. Lopez, who was born in the Dominican Republic, spent 14 years there before coming to the U.S. to live in Massachusetts. That’s where his grandmother first came years previously and where he went to high school.

       “I’ve always wanted to go to a Jesuit school,” Lopez says. “My father sent me to a private school in the Dominican Republic, but it wasn’t a Catholic school.”



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