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A band of friars on a "mission"


       Taking the Gospel to parishes in our Capuchin Province of St. Augustine , four friar students are living out of back-packs and a van for the summer. Reports have it that they are making quite the impact on the young and old and in-beween’s. Seeing the enthusiasm and participation evoked by the missionaries, one parish friar remarked that “I am very impressed with these guys.”


Laudato si’, mi’ Signore

Based on the Holy Father’s encyclical letter

Laudato si’, mi’ Signore,
may yours be all praise, my Lord,
always, from every daughter and son of earth
and all its manifold created things,
including ones undiscovered
and yet to be named
by Adam and his descendants,
and likewise be acclaimed,
our infinitely tender Father,
by this our bountiful Mother Earth,
our common home.
Her bounty has woefully been wasted,
her waterways corrupted beyond reclaiming,
and her beauty buried in refuse,
while melting ice fields inundate
her unwary despoilers.


Caperone: "The Lord Gave Me Brothers"

2015 06 3       From our brother David Domanski, OFM Cap., the Co-Managing Editor of The Caperone:

       One of my first introductions to Capuchin life came through the wisdom of my spiritual director, Fr. Lester Knoll, OFM Cap., as he told me: “Our primary ministry is to the brothers we live with.”  

       This novitiate year has been an opportunity for all of us here at San Lorenzo in Santa Ynez, CA, to experience what this means. St. Francis wrote:

       “And let one make known clearly his wants to another, in order that he may find and receive what are necessary for him. And let everyone love and nourish his brother as a mother loves and nourishes her son, in so far as God gives them grace. ” (Rule of 1221)

       We can certainly say with Francis that the graces have been present to allow us to "nourish" each other at all stages of life within our friary.


'The Catholic Spirit' salutes the Friars

Spirit320       The Catholic Spirit, the official newspaper of the Diocese of Wheeling/Charleston, WV, published a salute of thanksgiving to our brothers who have served in the Diocese for more than a century. That salute was a full two-page tribute to their graciousness and appreciation for the service of our fraternity with the names of 170 of our friars. The Province of St. Augustine, in turn, thanks the people of the Diocese for enriching us through their goodness and hospitality throughout the years. May they continue to bring the Gospel to Life as we promise them our prayers and our memories of the faithful men who have found a 'home' among them.


Thank you, West Virginia!

Tuscan Kurtz2       On Sunday, June 14, 2015, a Vespers Service will be celebrated at St. Anthony Church in Charleston, WV, to celebrate and remember the years of service and fraternity which our Province has been privileged to share in the Diocese of Wheeling/Charleston, WV. This article appeared in Charleston’s local newspaper, The Daily Mail. We will be highlighting that Vespers Service in the coming days.

By Charlotte Ferrell Smith
Photos: Bob Wojcieszak

       After more than a century of ministry and service to West Virginia, the Capuchin friars are leaving the Mountain State this month. Vows as Capuchin friars require they live together in community as brothers, sharing a prayer life and meals. A minimum of three brothers is necessary to fulfill this supportive environment.


The 2015 Fr. Bill Memorial Golf Outing

Golf2015 320

Join us for some golf & fun
for a great cause! 

       This year’s Fr. Bill Wiethorn Memorial Capuchin Golf Outing will be held on Friday, August 7, 2015, at River Forest Country Club in Freeport, PA.

       Our brother Bill Wiethorn, OFM Cap., was a beloved friar who passed away in October, 2014. This year’s tournament honors the memory of this unforgettable brother & friend. Proceeds from this year’s Capuchin Golf Outing will benefit the Father Bill Wiethorn Scholarship Fund. This fund continues the legacy of Fr. Bill, helping to educate those who have heard the call of our Lord & who will serve Him as Capuchin friars.


New Capuchin Friar Priests

Pictures updated Sunday, 06/07/2015

      Historic St. Augustine Church in Pittsburgh was packed for the ordination of two friars on Saturday morning, June 6. Sean Cardinal O’Malley, OFM Cap., ordained our brothers Manuel Avilés, OFM Cap., and John Paul Kuzma, OFM Cap., to the priesthood during a two-hour-plus liturgy.

      About 80 friars were in attendance, as were about 20 diocesan and other religious priests. Two buses brought Manuel’s family and friends from Northern Virginia and DC. And a bus came in from Cumberland, MD, where John Paul is assigned. 

      Both the Avilés and Kuzma families were well-represented.


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