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Caperone: "The Lord Gave Me Brothers"

2015 06 3       From our brother David Domanski, OFM Cap., the Co-Managing Editor of The Caperone:

       One of my first introductions to Capuchin life came through the wisdom of my spiritual director, Fr. Lester Knoll, OFM Cap., as he told me: “Our primary ministry is to the brothers we live with.”  

       This novitiate year has been an opportunity for all of us here at San Lorenzo in Santa Ynez, CA, to experience what this means. St. Francis wrote:

       “And let one make known clearly his wants to another, in order that he may find and receive what are necessary for him. And let everyone love and nourish his brother as a mother loves and nourishes her son, in so far as God gives them grace. ” (Rule of 1221)

       We can certainly say with Francis that the graces have been present to allow us to "nourish" each other at all stages of life within our friary.


Postulants gather in the Gateway

       Twenty- four postulants arrived in St. Louis, MO, the week of May 25th to participate in the National Capuchin Conferences’s Inter-Provincial Postulancy Program. The two-month experience prepares the soon-to-be friars to live in community together before beginning their Novitiate year together in Santa Ynez, CA. At that time, in July, the men will don the Capuchin habit for the first time for their year of probation before taking their first vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in July 2016.

       Our own postulants Rigobel Azanwi, Theo Simatupang and Stephen Wright are in the mix. Our own brother, Jim Froehlich, OFM Cap., who works as a counselor and spiritual director at Theological College in DC, is part of the program's formation team.


What Advice Would You Give?

This video comes courtesy of our Capuchin friars in Australia -- thanks, blokes!


ALVERNO: A Thin Place

       Fr. Lester Knoll, OFM Cap., has authored this reflection on the story of Alverno, a place for solitude in our Capuchin Province of St. Augustine. Located in Salisbury, PA, it offers the environment to encounter the Lord in its silence, its beauty and its natural surroundings.

ALVERNO: A Thin Place on Vimeo

Br. Francisco Highlighted at JCU

Lopez JCU       Our brother, Francisco Lopez, OFM Cap., was recently featured in John Carroll University’s magazine. Francisco is an alum of the Cleveland university which he attended while a student in the Capuchin Formation Program of Borromeo Seminary in Wickliffe, OH.

       The article focused on four alumni who have pursued a vocation to Religious Life. Francisco traces his call to Capuchin life to a card he received from a friend. It was from the Seraphic Mass Association and included a prayer to St. Anthony. Francisco looked at the back of the card and heard about Capuchins for the first time. The rest is history:

       One of eight children, Br. Lopez, who was born in the Dominican Republic, spent 14 years there before coming to the U.S. to live in Massachusetts. That’s where his grandmother first came years previously and where he went to high school.

       “I’ve always wanted to go to a Jesuit school,” Lopez says. “My father sent me to a private school in the Dominican Republic, but it wasn’t a Catholic school.”


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