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Caperone: Grapes & Jammin'

       Here at the novitiate friary in Santa Ynez, CA, we have been able to harvest some of the grapes from our vineyard. Due to the generosity of our friend Louis Lucas, some of the harvest will go toward making wine. Another variety of grapes, however, has undergone different transformation. Br. Frank and some of the novices have been “jammin’,” turning the grapes into a delicious jam, which is especially good on toast with peanut butter (chunky is my choice). Wine and jam are two very different products, yet come from the same source.


Meet our Postulants

2015Postulants       An important period of discernment is entered when a man comes to live among our brother friars for the first time. 'Moving in' is an opportunity to take that necessary step in sorting out what it means to 'become a friar.' Experiencing the lives of the friars in real-time, coming to learn the blessings and challenges of community life and, most importantly, finding a daily rhythm of prayer and contemplation with the support of other men broadens our experience of the Lord Jesus and attempt to discern his call to live 'in obedience, without anything of my own and in chastity', as our vows attest.

       Meet the men who have taken that step and moved in and on . . . .


Meet the Novices!

2015 NovicesCaperoneCOV


Read the Caperone
from the 2015-16 Capuchin novices.

       The new editors of the Caperone, Brs. Vic Russak, OFM Cap., and Steve Wright, OFM Cap., give us a chance to get to know the novices residing at San Lorenzo Friary in Santa Inez, CA -- look for their monthly reports here at CAPUCHIN.COM!

". . . all the days of my life"

Brs. James Watson, OFM Cap., and Phil White, OFM Cap., professed perpetual vows at St. Augustine Church, Pittsburgh, PA, the mother-church of our Capuchin Province, on Saturday, August 22. In addition to families and friends of the professed, more than 100 friars were part of the liturgical celebration on a bright, comfortable weekend morning.

Provincial Minister David Nestler, OFM Cap., received the brothers' vows after having centered his homily on the Rule and Life of the primitive Franciscan community inspired and authored by St. Francis, with its unique focus on the vow of poverty as having “nothing of one's own,” an ideal which goes further than simply sharing 'all things in common,' as was traditionally practiced in monastic communities.


New Beginnings on the Journey

July and August saw new beginnings for the men who have taken another step in their discernment of the Lord's call to follow him as a Capuchin Franciscan friar.  Our new novices and postulants are yet another reason to praise God for his call to our way of life.

On July 19, 23 men took on the habit of the Order as they began their novitiate year in Santa Ynez, CA, the location of our inter-provincial novitiate program for the North American and Pacific Capuchin Conference. The men, from among various Provinces of the Conference, included three new brothers of the Capuchin Province of St. Augustine.


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