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The Caperone - A Last Word from the Novices

Caperone14-07 Cov

As they turn to making first vows, the Novices have issued the final edition of the Caperone for the 2013-2014 Novitiate Year in Santa Inez, CA.


Profession of Vows


"Pre-Novices" prepare in St. Louis

Our "pre-novices" have come together in St. Louis, MO, to prepare for the Novitiate Program of the North American & Pacific Capuchin Conference  (NAPCC), the joint effort of the Capuchin Provinces in those areas. The Program is directed by our own brother Jim Froehlich, OFM Cap., and others from the Conference (the ones in the Capuchin habit above).  Our Br. John Paul Kuzma, OFM Cap., has been assigned to join them this year as cook and helper for the two months of their time together.


The Latest CapContact

2014-A CapContact

       The latest CapContact features life in our Hermitage fraternity, our Capuchin Preachers' Ministry and even a look at our patron, St. Augustine.  That and more can be downloaded  from our here.

Alverno Discernment Weekend

VocatWekend 2014-03       It was another great turnout for an Alverno Discernment Weekend in March.  Fr. Tom Betz, OFM Cap., was ably assisted by Rafa Anguiano, Br. Phil White, OFM Cap., Postulants Andre Repucci, Dave Domanski and Alex Hostoffer (and probably the photographer whom we can’t see!). About ten men spent the weekend at Alverno to further explore the possibility of becoming Capuchin friars.


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